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22nd of MAY (TUESDAY)

"Research by Design" seminar


Time: 12:30-14:00

Place: YTU School of Architecture

D404 Classrom –4th floor


the themese that will be covered :

- what is research by/through edsign

- how may this approach lead to a research project,

- How will this eventualy lead to a Ph.D,

-What is the context and what are the requirements by/through design,


23rd OF MAY (WEDNESDAY) 13:30 – 16:00

Workshop with Ph.D students


Time: 13:30-16:00

Place: YTU School of Architecture

D403 Classrom – 4th floor


(Max number of students 10) (Ph.D students who will attend workshop should attend "Research by Design" seminar and prepare half page abstract on their ideas and research;Johan Verbeke will react and discuss the 10' presenations. Participants should also be prepared to discuss each others presentation. The presentations should not be just finished research conclusions.



Round Table Discussion


Time: 13:30-16:00

Place: YTU School of Architecture

D402 Classrom


The discussion themes are:


1- PhD Education in Architecture- (13:30 – 15:00)

2- "Mathematics and Computational Thinking in Architecture Education" (15:15- 16:45


Johan Verbeke

Johan Verbeke obtained his PhD in 1990 and joined the School of Architecture Sint-Lucas (W&K) in 1991 where he was appointed professor in research design. He initially focused on digital media, new technologies and CAAD (computer aided architectural design) and was coordinator of several international projects and organizer of international conferences in this field. He is member of the Council of eCAADe (Education and Reseach in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) and Editor of IJAC (International Journal for Architectural Computing). He was evaluator and reviewer is the most recent European Framework for Research (FP5 and FP6), especially in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage.

In 2003 he finished a period of study on innovation, creativity and knowledge processes and became head of the School. Since then, he is developing Research by Design(ing) in Sint-Lucas, started the series Reflections and initiated RTS (Research Training Sessions). This (pre-)doctoral programme focuses on research developments in relation to architectural practice and the design studios. Recently he also got interest in research management and knowledge creation issues and in interdisciplinary projects. His research interests moved to ‘research by designing’ and artistic research covering a wide range of fields (Architecture and Urban Design, Interior Design, Music, Fine Arts, ...). He is running PhD seminars in this field and published several papers on the theme. He was and still is the driving force for the related research developments in the School. Recently he moved to the position of vice-dean of the (new) Faculty of Architecture and Arts (Associatie K.U.Leuven). He is supervising several design and practice based PhDs and was and is evaluator of practice based research projects.