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Ian Ritchie was a guest of Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture, on 9th of March. Ritchie gave a lecture on Neurocience and Architecture in YTU Audiotrium.
"The Sainsbury Wellcome Center, completed at the University College London in 2015, is a research institute on neuroscience. This research center is one of the earliest buildings designed to provide information about how we live and work in our spaces affect our mood and behavior.
Ian Ritchie, the guest of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Yildiz Technical University, will tell you how this project, which is described as a "good building on a shocking level to work" by a high-level scientist, besides neuroscientific researches and natural and light topics.
Ian Ritchie Architects is known for its research and development and innovation, and has over thirty principles in architectural geometry, engineering and material techniques."
Source: http://www.arkitera.com/etkinlik/4821/ian-ritchienin-anlatimi-ile-the-sainsbury-wellcome-centre