Accreditation Processes



Our Architecture (Turkish) undergraduate program has received the "6 YEAR ACCREDITATION" of the National Architectural Accreditation Board Turkey for the second time on 28 June 2017.




Following the Department of Architecture’s application to the American National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB), our school has been visited by former NAAB Chairman Cornelius Kin Dubois and was accepted to pass to the second stage.

The second stage visit was performed by Thomas Fowler and Barbara Sestak in 2015. The report prepared after the visit was approved by the NAAB General Assembly in March 2016.

The Department of Architecture continues its preparations for the final stage.


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Our City and Regional Planning Department, Graduate Program of Urban Transformation and Planning received the AESOP-European Schools of Planning Quality Certificate on 22 January 2016.


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