Dean's Message



In the communication age we are in, we observe the presence of a dynamic medium in which information is rapidly shared, the dimension of time is disappeared and social, cultural and technological realms are integrated. In this context, field of architecture; as in many other professions; should aim to sustain juxtaposition of knowledge and creativity immanent in its tradition with a dynamic and visionary approach. The integration and complex merge of research, design and practice, rapidly changing design and fabrication technologies, new construction materials trigger architecture to question and renovate itself. The aim of architectural education is to educate and raise professionals who have the skills to reveal local problems and develop unique solutions in parallel with the context of changes and innovation in the real world. This goal can be reached via scientific research, being sensitive for art and culture, gaining technological know-how and with a vision that integrates theory with practice.

Faculty of Architecture, settled in the main campus of Yıldız Technical University that is a 100 years old educational institution, with its Departments of Architecture and City & Region Planning for undergraduate program and graduate programs of Computer Aided Design Unit, Building Research and Programming, Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture, Restoration, Construction, Building Physics, Urban Preservation and Planning, Urban Organization and Design, Urban Regeneration and Planning, Landscape Planning, City and Regional Planning; continue its mission to raise professionals who can take part in the national and international architectural platforms since 1942.

Faculty of Architecture offers a contemporary education by establishing national and international networks, research projects, opportunities for design and construction towards practice, activities, case studies ,excursions; and as an institute being among the few universities which are accredited by the national accreditation system, aims to continually develop itself.

As the relations with Europe is getting closer via Erasmus Program, student and teaching staff exchanges have increased. At the same time collaboration and communication with other national institutions is currently on the rise via Farabi Program.

We hope you visit our university and meet our students and teaching staff. As Faculty of Architecture we are together for an education that motivates creativity, research and reaching the knowledge.


YTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi Dekan V.