Our university was established under the name of “Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi / Conductors (Technicians) School of Higher Education” in 1911 as a school associated with the Ministry of Public Works and modelled on the syllabus of the “Ecole de Conducteur”  in Paris. The name of the school was changed to “Nafia Fen Mektebi / School of Public Works” in 1922 and the duration of education was increased to 2,5 years in 1926 and 3 years in 1931. The institution had been reorganized as an academy, incorporating four-year engineering education under the name of “İstanbul Teknik Okulu / İstanbul Technical School” in 1937 in annexes of Yıldız Palace which are still in use. In addition to Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, in 1942 – 1943 academic year, Departments of Electrical Engineering and Architecture was founded.  The school was transferred to Ministry of Education after the Law dated to 26 September 1941. Before 1942, the education of architecture was provided very limitedly like general information under Road – Bridge – Railway – Water – Building subjects of education of engineering. In 1942 – 1943 academic year, after the reorganization of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture Division was founded and this gave nine graduate architects in 1944 – 1945 academic year. The education of architecture has been resumed in Damatlar Dairesi / Chamber of Grooms of Yıldız Palace since the restoration of the building until today which is the building that the current faculty is located. This was the fifth department of İstanbul Technical School and second school of architecture in Turkey. In 1959 – 1960 academic year, a graduate program in İstanbul Technical School was introduced with a two-stage education system following Middle East University, and successful students were admitted to one year master programs to get M.Sc. in engineering and architecture. Also in this year, İstanbul Technical School started night schools and education for the first time in Turkey.

Istanbul Technical School was evolved into an autonomous education and research institution under the law of İstanbul Devlet Mimarlık ve Mühendislik Akademisi / İstanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy in 03 June 1969 with a code of 1184. In 1971, private colleges were closed according to the law number 1472 and all departments related to engineering and architecture were introduced into İstanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy’s existing departments. In this period, the division of architecture was transformed into Faculty of Architecture and the fields of practice and research were diversified with four year undergraduate, two year graduate and three year doctorate programs.

In 1982, İstanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy was reorganized under the name of Yıldız University in order to compensate differences between universities and academies in Turkey with four additional departments under presidency, Faculty of Science and Literature, Graduate Schools of Natural – Applied and Social Sciences. Through this transitional period, the Faculty of Architecture has been reorganized with Departments of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning and six units. The name of the institution, which continued its engineering and architecture education since its foundation and contributed to technological development of the Republic of Turkey with its alumni and academic staff, has changed to Yıldız Technical University in 03 July 1992 according to the law number 3837.

Our faculty, which has a 65 years of experience, a dynamic development in scientific, cultural and intellectual levels, as one of the respected institutions in Turkey with its qualified academic staff and alumni, incorporates undergraduate education of Departments of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning, 14 graduate programs (Computer Aided Architectural Design, Building Research and Planning, Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture, Building Survey and Restoration, Building, Building Physics, Housing Production and Construction Management, Urban Conservation and Planning, Spatial Organization and Design, Urban Regeneration and Planning, Landscape Planning and Regional Planning) with 1 lecturer, 77  academic staff (prof., assoc. prof., assist. prof.), 61 research assistants, more than 1300 undergraduate, 300 graduate and 120 doctorate students and 10000 alumni. The Faculty of Architecture is still in process of improving the total quality in Europe education of architecture fields under EU and GATS procedures.