Yıldız Technical University is founded as «Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi» in 1911. In 1937, our university assumed the name «Istanbul Technical School» to provide education in the field of engineering within the premises of Yıldız Palace. Between 1942 and 1943, when the division of construction was reorganized, architectural education was also introduced by the establishment of the architecture branch, though some of the main issues related to architecture had previously been taught by the division of construction. The main motive for this reorganization was to graduate more students who can work in the fields of both architecture and civil engineering.

After a one-year experience, with the aim of teaching essential skills needed in architecture and graduating architects only, the division of architecture was officially established in 1944-45 educational year. In 1959-60, a postgraduate program in architecture was introduced. This was followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Architecture, when our university assumed the name ‘Istanbul Devlet Mühendislik ve Mimarlık Akademisi’ (IDMMA) «The State Academy of Engineering and Architecture» in 1969. Thirteen years later, IDMMA gained university status and became ‘Yıldız University’ in 1982. Finally, in 1992, it was given the name ‘Yıldız Technical University’. Alongside the YTU’s above-mentioned institutional evolution, the Faculty of Architecture was reorganized as two departments, namely the Department of Architecture and the Department of City and Regional Planning. Meanwhile the postgraduate programs given by these two departments were also upgraded to two years.