Vision - Mission


Our mission as a faculty is to be prominent in scientific and technological research and artistic works and to cultivate students who are capable of thinking analytically, identifying problems critically and devising creative solutions to them, who possess the necessary professional knowledge and technological skills, who are responsible, entrepreneurial, versatile, self-confident, honest, ethical, at peace with the society and themselves, impartial, independent, socially responsible and ecologically sensible.

Academic mission

  • To produce, interpret, disseminate and transfer knowledge in ethical values​​ equivalent to national and international standards in education

Constitutional mission

  • To create an academic environment openly discussed and shared ideas
  • To support researchers;  to adapt the change and the advancement of the profession

Educational mission

  • To provide training sensitive to the realities of the changes and development in the world and the country
  • To teach learning
  • To educate intellectual professionals who have competence in theory and practice, have creativity with an innovative system of thought, make collaboration between different disciplines related with design disciplines, carry all the necessary the ethical values and play an exemplary role on national and international platforms

Our vision as a faculty is to be prominent in producing and implementing science through research at a universal degree, be dynamic, modern, democratic and sensitive to ethical values, work with a sense of the public interest,  enrich the field of profession with historical and cultural identities, envision and implement utopias and be preferred within national and transnational sphere of education, research and cultural environment.